New Year’s Eve!

For the first time in my life, I experienced the quietest New Year’s Eve ever. As a Filipino, New Year’s Eve is huge part of our lives. Not only do we wait until midnight to eat together, but we also display 12 types of round fruits on our dining tables, play music as loud as we can, and light up fireworks in front of our houses and even the streets. However, this year, our President mandated a ban on firecrackers (due to the high number of casualties due to firecracker-related incidents) except for public displays and I think there were also certain spots where you can use firecrackers. Anyway, without these firecrackers, our skies were saved from more air pollution, the crazy noise, and the extended noise until 1am or so.

Anyway, a peaceful New Year’s Eve was only part of my excitement. Just before midnight, 3nin KAT-TUN made a surprise appearance at the Johnny’s Countdown 2017-2018 to perform Real Face and a song which was set to be the theme song of Kamenashi’s new drama in January. New song means a COMEBACK. Yep! KAT-TUN is back! In fact, they would have a concert in April! Finally, they’re done recharging, and I hope, from here on out, they continue working as a group, have a stronger fanbase, and more public recognition than ever. More CMs, TV shows, and TV guestings, please!

Oh yeah. As mentioned in my tweet earlier, my 2018 reading goal would most directly be hit by KAT-TUN’s comeback. However, this time, I’ll have a lower number of target books to read. I have so many unread books (both physical, digital, and audiobooks) at the moment, that I’m not planning to buy any more books except a new Sterling Shore book. I am sure that C.M. Owens would release Britt’s story this year. I read all books in the series, and I’m not about to miss the next book in the series. It’s been a long time since a new Sterling Shore book was released.

Another thing is that I might become lazier to do studies because often, fangirling takes a lot of time, especially if a group has its own weekly reality show, monthly music show, promotion periods, etc. However, KAT-TUN’s shows were all axed and Shounen Club Premium was given to NEWS, so no idea yet on what to expect from KAT-TUN on television. Still, catching up on these various appearances take time and effort. Ugh. I need to go back to prioritizing and juggling real life, reading, and fangirling all over again. Oh, add TESOL and Japanese studies to that.

What else? Oh yeah. A comeback also means a new single with probably 3 versions and a fight for the Oricon weekly, which means I probably have to buy the original CDs, and buying from an online store in Japan isn’t worth it. I have to find someone who lives in Japan (most likely the “president” of KAT-TUN Philippines) who takes orders for Filipinos, to buy the CDs. Why all the hassle? Simple  – to maintain KAT-TUN’s consecutive first week first place spot on the Oricon chart. Buying CDs from Japan means I have to shell money, so yeah. No buying new books for now (except a new Sterling Shore book 😛 ), at least for the first part of the year.

Hmm, this post looks all over the place, but I’m quite flustered with a KAT-TUN comeback news and how it would affect me in one way or another.


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